Heritage Tourism

Heritage Tourism

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Seeing some historical places, artifacts and many other significant things that connect to the past culture and history can somehow make a person feels like they have once lived in the world where modernization and industrialization do not yet exist. A world before only has a simple and natural way of living. That’s how the world goes way back thousands of years ago. As for now, almost all of those historic places, cultures and those beautiful and natural resources have obviously continued to disappear little by little due to the modernization process that is inevitably occurring in this modern world.

What is this?

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Heritage tourism appears to be

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just a compound word to make tourism planning a more comprehensive one. It includes elements of history, living culture natural places that is managed and given value by communities. All of these elements are very much essential for a region or community because it can probably contribute to the pride, growth, stability and development of its economy.

While some other defines heritage tourism as a travel to experience those places, activities, and artifacts that represents people and stories of the past, it also denotes everyone to have some dedication on caring and sharing those resources for the future generation. Heritage Tourism seems to be an engaging, active, and an ongoing process which involves public and private organizations, community residents, government and civic institution that works together.

The Immigration

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Immigration or the people’s movement from a country or community, together with Decolonization forms a major background on a more contemporary cultural and heritage tourism. Decreased in the amount of travelling cost is another thing that makes heritage tourism becomes even more possible for people.

Heritage tourism, in some ways, can attribute to some historical events being dramatized to simply make them a little more entertaining. One example of this is when a particular historical tour in a city or town that uses themes such as Vikings or ghost. Heritage tourism, most of the time, focus with historical events than of presenting a rational view regarding on the historical period. Its presentation outcome may not be always as accurate as what really happens based on the historical facts simply because, heritage tourism is commonly blended with entertainment aside from preservation, educational and even business and profit purposes.

Bottom line

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heritage tourism may seems to be one the best way that contributes for the preservation of all of those historical events, artifacts and places that history brought. That’s why it’s necessary for it to be promoted worldwide for the sake of those things that make everyone remember and have some awareness on what happens yesterday. Besides, it also gives a lot more benefits that can help a community or a region in many ways. All in all, heritage tourism is an important thing that a community must promote because it almost provides nothing but good and positive things in return.

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